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deep nijjar

2009-03-28 02:11:16 by daytonj

post # 69 woot woot woot

O fucklioso

2008-09-20 12:08:48 by daytonj

I want titts in my face

Retarted Kids r Funneh

2008-05-10 10:26:16 by daytonj

this happened a while a go me and my freind julian (drugman3) were just walking around and this like 11 year old was acting like a plane so julians like "lay off the plant" he lifts up both feet ans says i"im no on any plants" i realy wish we wouldve knon he was retartarted we wouldve got ihn truble but the rung but the wai he said it was fucking hilarious

day 2

2008-02-28 22:54:35 by daytonj

some body caleed me a .. faggy shit today i hit him with a soccer ball by accident

Poncho Kid

2008-02-27 20:01:57 by daytonj

A couple days a go some 9 year old wearing a poncho walked up to me ( fat ginger) and said only freaqks dye thier hair green i replied only fags wear ponchos...